The installation Dream Water Wonderland is based on the two most spectacular wasted investments of the German nuclear industry. In the 1970s, the breeder reactor of the Kalkar nuclear power plant on the Lower Rhine seemed to be the answer to Germany’s increasing demand for electricity. Then the dream was shattered, leaving behind it an absurd location which now is used as an amusement park. A video of a carousel ride over the former cooling tower reveals this scenario of a failed technical fantasy in a rapid overflight.  The Asse II mine was subjected to industrial-scale testing as an experimental radioactive waste repository. In Dream Water Wonderland, a three-dimensional model of the shaft is set in rotation, driven by a Beogram 4000. A technological sensation, this turntable from Bang & Olufsen addressed an increased demand for electrified spectacle and futuristic design. Dream Water Wonderland sets these utopias of linear technical progression in dizzying rotation. This dissonant backdrop is accompanied by a dream about energy-needy, birdlike creatures which represent a strange synthesis of the technical and the biological.